Excellent material • building global seminar held successfu

         The afternoon of June 20, 2013, "excellent material of • built a global" ——2 cm porcelain new outdoor building materials Exchange at Pullman Shanghai Skyway hotel a success. Architectural design of building materials industry leaders, experts, as well as hundreds of elite architects active participation and in-depth exchange, discuss the architecture and application development. Chen Jianqiu, Vice President of Tongji University architectural design Institute, Ministry of housing and curtain wall Windows and doors Standardization Technical Committee experts, national building curtain wall editor Professor Zhu Zongwu, Chief Architect for green building design hotel General Manager, shimao pit Martin Jochman (United Kingdom), Manager of architectural buildings of AECOM China Jia Bo, Korea KumKang S& d. Gold President and CEO Yao Wenjiang Foshan ceramic tiles limited liability company attended this event.

          Design for Burj hotels and pit the world's top designers Martin Jochman speech

    Conference first by Tongji architectural design Institute Deputy Dean Chen Jianqiu Mr do has on China building innovation of road of theme report, he from industry angle starting, tells has how for innovation design, to adapted constantly development of building needs; then, live built Department curtain wall doors and Windows standardization technology Committee experts, and GB building curtain wall editorial board Zhu Zongwu Professor analysis and explained has building curtain wall on new outdoor building materials of application requirements.

    Tile CEO Yao Wenjiang, a deep explanation of the genus plays on the day when new outdoor building materials 2 cm porcelain, by comparison with conventional building materials such as stone, a comprehensive display of the 2 cm ceramic plate in the appearance, performance, use of advantages, so that everyone is fully aware of 2 cm ceramic plate is a mature and reliable products. Yao said total, 2 cm ceramic plates will also in the future in terms of design and specification upgrade, better meet the user's habits. In addition, Yao also noted with interest the disclosure of a 2 cm ceramic plates were detained by the Qingdao customs because of too much like stone episode, speaks volumes about 2 cm porcelain realistic stone appearance.

    Conference second half by AECOM China district architectural design building Department Manager Jia Bo Mr share has building designer increasingly concern of green building development trend subject, he pointed out that to Green thinking innovation architectural design, go sustainable development of road is States building experts of common pursuit; from Korea KumKang S& d. of gold President, share has he in actual application work in the for 2 cm porcelain Board of experience, let we more image of see has 2 cm porcelain Board in actual application in the of effect.

    Evening sharing dinner, design Burj in Dubai World's top designer Martin Jochman this event to another climax. As the famous designer of the Burj Dubai, Martin Jochman deeply respected architect friend, Martin Jochman that night to share his other masterpiece —— Hotel Shanghai shimao pit design ideas and unique insights to architect friends bring inspiration and food for thought.

    After the meeting, the architect friend 2 cm tile show a strong interest in and a high degree of attention. Many architects say 2 cm tile in appearance and performance has been as good as natural stone, which they select the new material is a good reference.

    Many architects and customers for 2 cm tile show strong interest

    &Nbsp;      It is understood that tiles officially landed in China market in 2013, this event is global promotional activities in China the second tile, the next one will be held in Beijing in July 2013. 2 cm porcelain began sweeping the European and American markets as early as 2008, it initiated a new era of new outdoor building materials; we do have reason to believe, superior quality 2 cm porcelain, also led a new wave of outdoor building materials in China.

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